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Exhibition and/or reading schedule (constantly updated):

I’m currently giving on-going poetry writing workshops @

University of Amsterdam, (occupied) Management building, Maagdenhuis 21 Spui Amsterdam.

London:  The London School of Economics (occupied zone)

Fri March 27th.

Amsterdam: Saturday 7th February @ Cafe ceuvel 

Rotterdam: Sunday 15th February IMAG0049_1 Contact details:

email: fallen_scholar@hotmail.com

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ibby.okinyi …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

Here lies the website of Ibbysen mobile publishing house.

ABOUT THE EDITOR I am the alleged human Ibby E Okinyi an authour, designer, manufacturer and editor of Ibbysen mobile publishing house.

I enjoy examining and experimenting with different lifestyles and have travelled for over a decade throughout all inhabited continents. From June 2011 – February 2013 I walked and swam across Europe (Norway-Spain), strictly boycotting money.  Through praxis it was demonstrated that there are currencies of value that one may hold other than the conventionally recognised ones. For over a rotation of the sun I also decided to abstain from carrying national identification and the results of the experiment have been documented by various news sources.

Shareable: http://www.shareable.net/blog/walking-from-norway-to-africa-without-money-or-a-passport

Spanish T.V.  English subs


French Sud-ouest. http://www.sudouest.fr/2012/11/23/ibby-est-de-passage-887215-1504.php

2nd experiment: In July 2014 I decided to hitch hike away from my stronghold in Oslo and see if I could survive out there in the big scary world armed with my hand bound poetry books and novels.  The hustle continues to date.  Within that time frame I’ve managed to co-write the poetry anthology “Shoot a Poet Save a tree”.  Currently there are thousands of my hand bound novels and poetry books that I have offloaded to people either still in circulation, or possibly burnt. Shoot a Poet Save a tree contains 5 volumes: 1) The cunt eye of the dick storm – by Stein Holte & Ibby E Okinyi 2) Industrial cattle – by Yambo 3) 20 First century poems – by Brian Larosche & Ibby E Okinyi 4) I’ll rip out my voicebox (…) – by Jacob Housing & Ibby E Okinyi 5) Fourth place in the wankers karaoke contest – by Stein Holte and Ibby E Okinyi Here are critical descriptions of the books by The Y.A.K. 1)

The Cunt Eye of the Dick Storm

by Stein Holte & Ibby E Okinyi

Description by the Y.A.K.)

The Cunt Eye of the Dick Storm is a piece assumably written by Stein Holte and Ibby E Okinyi. It was formerly hand-bound and sold hand-to-hand on the streets of Oslo, or more often than not, swapped for food or drinks in bars over the summer of 2014.

The book was made out of recycled materials, and printing was done strictly in accordance with the stingy no budget production principle. This writing exercise enjoyed an unexpected sales success (with over 250 copies gone even before the packed out release party). Thus, a series of books started to scribe themselves out of the seeds of The Cunt Eye of the Dick Storm.

The script should be read in the order it’s presented in, as the book is in essence both a novella and a collection of poems. The protagonist of The Cunt Eye of the Dick Storm is a wounded victim of a war that only exists within him. However, he continues muddying the tunnel and scrambling straight up towards the lava stumbling and whining after a love that has long gone. One who has abandoned him to go graze in more fertile pastures.

And can she really be blamed?

Throughout the series of books the dejected fumbling fighter frequently checks in and out, pauses, thinks … albeit in disconnected globules, whilst the reader often wishes he’d fall upon a strong cup of coffee, a gentle slap, and some eggs to wake him from his nightmare and allow him to jump back into his skin with full strength.

Such is my synopsis, but who are you? – The Y.A.K.

2) Industrial cattle (Yambo)

Interpretation (by the Y.A.K)


Everythings OK

Just as long

as we remain


The sky will NEVER fall down

When I’m next to you

And if destiny tears us apart

there remains a place in our hearts


has no meaning, revelance or feeling at all

3) 20 First century poems (Brian Laroche & Ibby E Okinyi)


Dear Y.A.K,

I’m lecturing you about Robot Dinero and you’re rambling on and on about poetic standards? You must be very, very sick.



People say the same thing



The talking head

On your TV screen



The Talentless dilettante

giving unwanted opinion in the paper



The Check out chick

Standing at the cash register



Those overbearing schoolteachers

Trying to make you try



Those economic advisor types

arguing for structural fiscal reform



Stressed out of their brains

Chasing all their dreams

Knocking themselves out to succeed

Never… ever… ever… admitting failure

I swear on my fathers grave that the world is a circus

with billions of clowns performing a daily show








I’ll rip out my voicebox (…) -by Jacob Housing & Ibby E Okinyi

Introduction and interpretation (The Y.A.K.)

Spread your scaly wings and soar, through a world made silent by dragons and non-dragons. What is it that drives humans to wall themselves in, to put limits on the space they can manoeuvre in? To create borders around the identity they never even had a choice in adopting to begin with?

Natural offspring chipped up instances after they’re severed from their mother’s umbilical chord. Swimming face first into the rip of desires of the magnetic vortex of alluring ballot-boxes draped in logos and marinated in secret sauces. Being wrenched from side to side makes one wonder, to which current one should be swept away, in through the binds of allegiance. To David? To God? To Goliath? To Vishnu? Who and what are dictating my conditions … and is a split from all of the above the floating buoy on which one may pause, spit out the chip, and feel connected to an unconditional borderless interdependent existence?

When humankind succeeds in rubbing itself off the face of the Earth, it will be inherited by the creatures who have no regards for limits, the creatures who are contemporarily seen as inferior and less evolved. Sociopathic nationalism, or likewise expansional empires, all deny our species the option for spiritual and ethical maturity. Rip out your voice box, and listen to what the Darwinian dragons have to say.

-The Y.A.K.


Fourth place in the wankers karaoke contest (By Stein Holte & Ibby E Okinyi)

Interpretation (The YAK)

Time closes down on one, that once upon a time had reasonable and concrete reasons to serenade the status quo with objections.

Objections, maybe were even too harsh a classifier, suggestions perhaps, ideas possibly, or thoughts that would only serve to ameliorate the surroundings… Maybe.

But deaf ears on auto-play, tuned into a frequency for an impending head-on collision with no will to even feign openness, volley back stares of condescension to blind them to their own fatal path.

All this disrespect transforms a once noble activist into a blabbering mess who takes pot shots at the entire universe.

Those are simply my thoughts on the final monster in this little collection. After all, I’m currently running fourth at the moment, so why don’t you make up your own mind about who you’ll follow as a windbreak.

Or even better, back right off, drop out of the contest and choose your own path.

Go ahead …

Shoot a poet save a tree – The Y.A.K.

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